Learn how some of our long-time customers make HOLOS a habit.

Whether you’re fueling up for an Iron Man, Burning Man, or a just big presentation, it’s got all the nutrients to get you there. What will your ritual be?
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Learn how some of our long-time customers make HOLOS a habit.

Let’s talk a little bit about rituals.

Mankind has long viewed rituals as the bedrock of a meaningful, healthy life–a tool for living with intention and staying present. Waking up early is a wonderful habit, but committing to make the most of your mornings–be it through meditation, exercise, or a wholesome breakfast–could transform your wellbeing. Our customers are always writing to us about their own HOLOS rituals, and we have to admit, there is something meditative about prepping your jar: 30 seconds each night and you’re set up for the next day.

Here, we’ve created colorful sketches of seven of our typical customers based on how they live, work, eat, train, and incorporate HOLOS into their routines. Whether you’re fueling up for an Iron Man, Burning Man, or a just big presentation, it’s got all the nutrients to get you there.

What will your ritual be?

The Eager Beaver:

There are early risers, and then there’s you. By the time most people’s alarm clocks have gone off, you’re well into your morning routine, whether that means working out, firing off emails, or commuting to a job you’re seriously passionate about. When hunger strikes, you want something healthy that’s also substantial enough to power you through back-to-back meetings. HOLOS keeps you full but light on your feet. And it’s quick: Grab the jar you prepped the night before, or throw one together when you climb out of bed and it’ll be ready to eat by breakfast time.

The Weekend Nature Warrior:

Whether you’re heading up north for a weekend in the mountains or setting off on your next nomadic adventure, HOLOS is the perfect meal to take with you on your journey off the grid (and when standard kitchen appliances are few and far between). Cruising around in your camper van? No problem. Angling to be first on the ski slopes? So are we. Simplify your packing list by making breakfast easy. Just throw a couple jars in your suitcase and hit the road.

The Cardio Nut:

If you, like many of our customers, spend most of your mornings logging miles on Strava, you might find that HOLOS becomes your superpower. It’s the fuel-of-choice for runners and cyclists around the world, whether they’re training for their next Iron Man or working their way up to a 10K. You’ll eat it on training days, and especially before long runs or races when you’ll need plenty of energy to clock several hours of serious cardio. It’s light enough to eat in the morning before you hit the trail, or a handy option for an easy lunch while you’re winding down.

A Sleep-Deprived Parent:

There’s no greater exhaustion than that of a new parent, so it makes sense that some of our most enthusiastic customers have little ones at home. Not only is our muesli nutrient-dense and designed to make every ounce of energy last, but it’s fast––just get up, grab it, and go. (Many parents say their kids love it, too. A win-win.) Plan on prepping a couple jars to get you through the week, and one on the weekend before a big family activity.

Wellness Enthusiast:

If your ideal weekend routine consists of yoga classes, mindfulness meditation, a sound bath, and a trip to the sauna, well, you’re in good company. Our community is full of devoted wellness fanatics who understand that achieving holistic health means taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. These folks take their diet and nutrition very seriously, and turn to HOLOS for a plant-based, high-protein breakfast. Plan on eating it during the week before taking a few days off to relax and reset.

The Frequent Flyer:

Are you trying to avoid yet another hotel breakfast buffet? Are you often dreading whatever the airline is serving that day? We all know that on-the-go food is crap, particularly the options available on planes, in airports, and at highway rest stops. If you live out of a suitcase and struggle to manage a nutritious diet, consider HOLOS our gift from the travel gods. Just toss a jar in your suitcase and eat it whenever the mood strikes.

Restless Retiree:

Much to our delight, we get a lot of glowing reviews from athletes in their sixties, seventies, and eighties who are holding on tight to their health, wellbeing, and fitness. If that sounds like you, welcome to the club. At HOLOS, we believe that aging is beautiful, that health is our most precious commodity, and that a daily ritual of sunlight, movement, protein, and good company are the keys to feeling light and young all the way to the finish. Many of our customers start their days with HOLOS and find they have more energy than they’ve had in years. If that isn’t inspiring, we don’t know what is.