Real Food, Real Energy: Maghalie Rochette x HOLOS Helmet Collaboration

Elite Cyclist Maghalie Rochette bucks the trend on energy drinks, choosing 'real food' for helmet partnership.

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Real Food, Real Energy: Maghalie Rochette x HOLOS Helmet Collaboration

Maghalie Rochette’s Rise to the Top

Maghalie Rochette is one of those people who wears many hats, or rather many helmets. After having tried just about every sport imaginable as a child, Maghalie was eventually introduced to the muddy world of mountain biking by her father. It was clear right from the start that Maghalie had a talent for pushing her bike through rough terrain, and she was instantly hooked. A speed demon at heart, Maghalie eventually found her passion in “cyclocross”, a challenging discipline which combines the technicality and adventure of mountain biking with the explosiveness of road biking.

Her list of major accomplishments since her competitive debut at just 12 years old runs deep, consistently finding herself on podiums in races around the world. Today at just 30 years old, Rochette has earned her spot among the best in the business. The past few seasons have been especially decorated for Maghalie with multiple feats: two consecutive National and Pan-American Cyclocross Championship titles, a 2019 UCI World Cup win in Iowa and a second place finish in Besançon in 2021/2022.

Constantly striving to be better both on her bike and by standing up for what she believes in, Maghalie Rochette is a natural champion – and from the looks of it she is just getting started.

Put your helmet on

Maghalie is known for riding with a perpetual smile on her face… and her heart on her sleeve. Although her lifestyle as a high-level athlete constantly on the move requires a steady source of fuel, Rochette was never powered by energy drinks. Being a devoted fan of Asterix and Obelix, this helmet is a nod to the sensation of flying, her very own favorite magic potion being HOLOS. A helmet is an absolute must-have and the perfect way to showcase a new partnership. Not only is it playful and full of life but you can spot its design among a thousand others.

"Professional sports tend to be too serious but even when the stakes are high, it’s important to remember to have fun. The HOLOS helmet is my constant reminder to do so." – Maghalie Rochette

HOLOS - The Long Lasting Fuel

Since being founded in 2016, HOLOS has been laser-focused on their mission: to completely transform and elevate the breakfast category not just for athletes but for all those with a fast-paced lifestyle. They do so by providing a plant-based alternative that is packed with protein and superfoods, is environmentally sustainable and most importantly, will make your taste buds do backflips.

"For one hour, we go as hard as we can. Therefore, nutrition before the race is key as you want to feel strong, but also light. It’s a fine balance that I’ve found with HOLOS. I am so proud to represent a made-in-Quebec product in which I truly believe." – Maghalie Rochette