Journey to The Last Frontier: An Alaskan Skiing Adventure

Why are rituals important? In our daily lives, rituals are woven into our routines, providing comfort and motivation. Whether it's a cup of coffee made by hand, or a podcast during our commute, rituals aid us in finding solace during challenging days and overcoming obstacles. They’re an inherent part of being human, but how can we discover them when venturing beyond our familiar routines? Read on to learn how three mountain athletes utilized HOLOS every morning to achieve a successful expedition to Denali National Park.
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Journey to The Last Frontier: An Alaskan Skiing Adventure

Alaska holds a special place in every adventurer's heart, evoking images of majestic peaks, untamed wildlife, and unpredictable weather. It truly represents The Last Frontier. For the three of us, Connor Koch, Mitchell Quiring, and Jonny Morsicato, Alaska was the ultimate destination to test our skills as mountain athletes. With big mountain dreams and a modest budget for a skiing trip, we booked our tickets.


HOLOS in Alaska


Beyond the Idyllic Instagram Shots

As seen on social media, skiing in Alaska seems to be an idyllic picture of blue skies and fresh powder. However, the small screen fails to capture the challenges faced behind the scenes—the photographer struggling to keep their batteries charged, the cumbersome gear transportation, the pain of leaving loved ones, or the solitude experienced while confined to a cold tent miles away from civilization. All you see is a bite-sized piece of content! Amidst the chaos of organizing a photoshoot in Denali National Park, HOLOS became part of the anchor, providing a morning ritual that brought a sense of normalcy to this wild place, as well as important nutrition for big, cold days.

The Sun's Brief Respite

For 14 days, we battled the relentlessly cold weather, seeking refuge in the sun to regain warmth stolen by the darkness. We adhered to a daily schedule that revolved around the little bit of life the sun offered. Every day at 10 AM, as the sun crested over "Camp Peak," it began to melt the ice that had engulfed our tent overnight. This was our signal to get out of our sleeping bags and begin the laborious alchemy of turning snow into our morning coffee and breakfast.

HOLOS in Alaska
HOLOS in Alaska

Crafting Warmth with "Hot HOLOS"

As coffee snobs, we started our day with a french press, followed by a special preparation of our muesli; On the first day, we naively poured boiling water into the glass signature HOLOS jar, only to witness it shatter in the subzero temps. We quickly learned from our mistake and thenceforth opted for a concoction of boiling water, peanut butter, trail mix, and instant soy milk to complement the muesli. While typically served cold-soaked overnight, our “Hot HOLOS” was the perfect fit for life on the glacier.

HOLOS in Alaska

A Profound Shift in Existence

By the fourth day, our morning ritual had transformed from a stumbling process into second nature. By day ten, it felt as though our entire lives had undergone a profound shift. We had fully immersed ourselves in a new existence, where our morning ritual served as the initial step toward a day brimming with exploration. Standing in awe, we witnessed colossal avalanches cascading from calving glaciers and reveled in the knee-deep powder we had always dreamed of. There were fleeting moments when we questioned if our pursuit was just an endless winter neverland that distanced us from our warm homes and loved ones. However, every morning, as we sipped our coffee and gazed upon the expansive Kahiltna glacier, we knew without a doubt that we were exactly where we were meant to be.