Humans of HOLOS

The Humans of HOLOS series is made to amplify the people who amplify us - to showcase the inspirational and extraordinary humans living the HOLOS philosophy.
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Humans of HOLOS

The Humans of HOLOS mission is simple, to celebrate people authentically living the HOLOS way of life. To amplify the people who amplify us.



But why?! Because the HOLOS community is filled with people living healthy, active and inspirational lives. They are motivators, movers and shakers that are no stranger to change - the kind of change that creates a movement and can be felt from miles away. They are the future.

This is the kind of change we need in the world, and this is what has inspired us to seek out those unique “Humans of HOLOS” stories to share them with you.

Our ultimate goal?

To curate stories from unheard voices. To inspire our community with the stories from the community. We wouldn’t be HOLOS without the incredible humans behind it. This is an ode to you.

The authentic stories headed your way via email (subscribe!) are from our loyal community members who have been not just eating HOLOS but living HOLOS by honouring their own health, the planet’s health and uplifting those around them. They are the stories of brave, bold and daring people who are using HOLOS to get them out the door in the morning and keep them accomplishing their goals throughout the day.



It’s no secret that HOLOS wouldn't be HOLOS without the incredible humans that support us. We think it’s time to show off some of those powerful stories that are making an impact for the generations to come.

Like Sébastien Sasseville. Seb is an endurance athlete with Type 1 Diabetes with a mission to motivate, inspire and break down barriers for living an active life for others with Type 1. In 2008 he became the first Canadian living with Type 1 diabetes to summit Mount Everest and the 3rd in history, across all countries! Most recently Seb rode his bike across Canada in 15 days! Seb helps people realize that they can set a higher bar for themselves, they just need to take that first step. His message is simple, “get educated, start small, focus on learning, get to know your diabetes tools (pump and CGM) and be consistent!”

Another example, Trish Bromley, aka the new face on our HOLOS jar box. Trish is the first female to compete in the Cranworx mountain bike event Speed & Style. She entered in the men’s pro division because there wasn’t a female division - let’s just say things changed after Trish entered the scene.

Like Seb and Trish, there are many other members of our community who are going above and beyond. It’s humans like these that will help our planet and our planet’s future so that we can all live in a positive, healthy, happy and inclusive environment.

We hope that our Humans of HOLOS can motivate you to experience, enjoy, stay active and get out there to inspire and help others. We would also love to hear from you! If you have a Humans of HOLOS story you would like to share we welcome you to nominate yourself or a pal that’s living their best HOLOS life.